Our Services

EnableMint is passionate about helping organizations drive performance through all levels of the organization.  We have options that fit the needs of your business.

Snapshots:  We offer 1-hour interactive sessions that focus your team on a single leadership or performance skill that can be immediately applied in the work place.  Our most popular topics are:

  • Business creativity for performance
  • Early career performance skills
  • Selling your value
  • Art of checking in
  • On-demand problem solving
  • Negotiating for optimal outcomes
  • Environments of Innovation

For those teams ready for more intensive training, EnableMint provides mentorship, early career, team performance, and executive training.

EnableMint Training Packages: Mentor Team Team+ Leaders ProService
(Click on skills category for more detail) Half Day (3 hrs) Half Day (3 hrs) Full Day (6 hrs) 1.5 day (9 hrs)  Project-based
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