EnableMint provides a series of Growth Hacking Workshops using a facilitative approach to take teams through reflective, peer-based learning.  The workshops activate teams around practical on-demand problem-solving, innovation, negotiation, collaboration, accountability, autonomy and performance techniques to generate bottom line wins, especially with diverse teams in mind.  Our workshops can benefit any team needing transformation toward high value outcomes.

Successful teams understand that the secret to outperform lies in:

  1. Effective real-time team collaboration and decision-making
  2. Meaningful daily interactions and decision-making of diverse team members; and
  3. Leadership belief systems on valuing and leveraging multiple perspectives.

With five generations in the workforce now, companies are also grappling with how to leverage the talent across the spectrum.  This range of skills and perspectives presents a type of diversity that hasn’t been fully leveraged.  The secret to winning teams is that they innovate, problem solve, and execute well. EnableMint is passionate about helping organizations drive performance through all levels of the organization.  We have options that fit the needs of your business.

Growth Hacking Lite:  We offer 1-hour interactive sessions that focus your team on a single leadership or performance skill that can be immediately applied in the work place.  Our most popular topics are:

  • Growth Hacking Leadership
  • Growth Hacking Networking
  • Growth Hacking Creativity

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For those teams ready for more intensive training, EnableMint provides workshops in mentorship, emerging leaders, team performance, executive leadership as well as consultative services.

EnableMint Training Packages: Team Team+ Leaders ProService
(Click on skills category for more detail) Half Day (3 hrs) Full Day (6 hrs) 1.5 day (9 hrs)  Project-based
Growth Hacking Networking

Growth Hacking Performance

Growth Hacking Creativity  ✔

Growth Hacking Leadership  ✔  ✔

Growth Hacking Culture

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EnableMint was founded by a team with decades of experience working within products and services companies to build high performance teams.  We are also experienced in research-based adult learning both in professional development and also in higher education.  In particular, this team is uniquely qualified to work with diverse teams, having coached dozens of diverse teams over their careers.  Our workshops can be delivered in any industry that desires high value team outcomes.