Transformative Mentorship

This workshop is a half-day, 3 hour workshop performed on-site.

EnableMint’s Mentor Workshop provides employees with essential strategic and work skills that contribute to their career development and long term engagement with your company.  The workshop is highly interactive and requires participants’ highest levels of engagement.  The Mentor Workshop uses the MINT framework, which incorporates four phases to leverage critical thinking, creativity, and high engagement from participants:

Mobilize => Ideate => Negotiate => Transform

  1. Mobilize
  • Assess your strengths 
  • Build a timeline 
  1.  Ideate
  • Define your brand 
  • Dream big 
  1.  Negotiate
  • Observe cues 
  • Impact with language 
  1.  Transform
  • Own your growth 
  • Sponsor your network 

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